Feb 3

February 3, 2017

Haven, Wayne and Joe, 10.19.15

A Hui Hou Kākou (Until We Meet Again)

Growing up in Waikiki, there was always someone coming and going. Beyond the many visitors that arrive and depart daily, the people who move to Waikiki to carve out a life for themselves in paradise would always seem to come and go as well. Some people would end up relocating to a different part of the island, some would leave Hawaii to seek their fortunes elsewhere and others would heed the call of home, usually thousands of miles away from Waikiki. My dad called Hawaii the “Land of Goodbyes”, especially for those who live there.  The conclusion of 2016 brought another goodbye, and this one by far the most difficult and impactful one. Our Company founder, mentor and more personally – my father, Wayne Overman, said his final farewell to Hawaii and entered the ultimate Paradise, Heaven, on December 5, 2016. My brother Joseph and I were blessed beyond measure to have someone like him as a father, friend, business partner and example in life. In our humble opinion, he was as unique and special a person as Hawaii is a place, although we may be a bit biased! We rest assured, without a shadow of a doubt, that Dad is with his Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, in eternal peace and paradise. He enrolled in the Ultimate Vacation Plan many years ago and shared it on our website for all who cared to read it. I encourage you to take a moment to read it for yourself if you have never done so. Joseph and I, as well as the rest of the Aloha Hawaiian Vacations Team, are honored to be able to continue his legacy and help people experience the most beautiful place on Earth – Hawaii! I would like to dedicate this blog post to Dad’s memory by sharing his mission and vision for Aloha Hawaiian Vacations, as well as a little bit about him as a person.  Below is an excerpt about Dad from our Website (in some of his own words):

Wayne founded Aloha Hawaiian Vacations as a young man – and has enjoyed the company’s growth from a regional business – to an international Company – which is today a world leader in Hawaii tourism. He designed and developed America’s first non-tour All-Inclusive Hawaii Vacation Package. “Good Quality With Good Value And Service” is his motto. He also owns a Hawaii tourism consulting firm.

Wayne is a seasoned world traveler – and has seen 93 countries. His travels have taken him around-the-world seventeen times cumulatively. He says, “I have traveled the entire world to see if there is any place to match the glory of Hawaii – and there is none! Hawaii is God’s gift to the world and mankind, and is probably a tiny glimpse of what Heaven is like.”

He holds a degree in Business Administration and was also working toward a degree in Engineering – which he left to attend an East Coast Bible College after becoming a Christian. Wayne believes travel is one of life’s best educations – and agrees with former US President John F. Kennedy’s quote, “I learned more in one summer traveling abroad than I did in all my years at Harvard University.” However, Wayne also believes that the study of God’s Word trumps all forms of education. He challenges the young people he mentors to read a chapter of Proverbs each day to receive wisdom from above. He volunteers his time as a Hawaii church leader and has also served his country in the military.

Wayne says that his greatest life accomplishment was raising his two awesome children (Haven and Joseph) who are now leaders of Aloha Hawaiian Vacations. He also believes we are to share that which God has blessed us with – and his family financially supports three Waikiki churches, the annual Resurrection Sunrise Services held on Waikiki Beach, world missions, plus many mainland Christian ministries; and his family also cares for many children-in-need worldwide. Wayne gives “all glory to God – for ALL.”  – Haven Overman Bollinger

 Earl Wayne Overman, May 31, 1949 – December 5, 2016


Aug 27

August 27, 2016

Aloha Bay Beach

Mahalo To My Awesome Staff

Today’s blog is to express my deepest appreciation and gratitude for the awesome staff God has given my Company, Aloha Hawaiian Vacations. I am so thankful for and pleased with each and every Itinerary Coordinator, Customer Support Representative, Assistant Manager, Hawaii Marketing Specialist, my two Customer Support Managers: Andrew Bollinger – our Mainland Customer Support Manager and IT Specialist and Jade Overman – our Senior Hawaii Customer Support Manager. I am also grateful for my wife Debi: our savvy Cloud Processes Director and Social Media Manager, my daughter Haven: our brilliant Vice President and Senior Client Assistance Manager and last, but definitely not least, my son Joseph: our President and Chief Financial Officer, who wisely and meticulously oversees our Company finances and Hotel Reservations. All of whom can be seen on the About Us page of our Website – see link below.

Our extremely professional Company team is made up of long-time friends, church members, relatives and immediate family members.

I have been so extremely blessed by God to be surrounded by such dedicated, loyal, hard-working and intelligent people who are all so enjoyable to work with, and who treat our clients with respect, friendliness and professionalism. Each and every one of these gifted people is why Aloha Hawaiian Vacations is today the most personable, caring and knowledgeable Travel Company that specializes in Hawaii Travel.


Jul 26

July 26, 2016

Pic for Weather Blog

Hawaii’s Weather

I have been visiting Hawaii for more than 33 years and have lived in Waikiki Beach, Oahu for more than 23 years. I would describe Hawaii’s weather as a warm, eternal spring. Our weather variation fluctuates only a few degrees in each direction from a median daily high of 82°.

Clients often ask – is there a rainy season? Statistically, there is a little more rain in the warm winter months of mid-December to mid-April. Even in these winter months, rain usually comes during the night hours when travelers are sleeping, and usually on the windward sides of the islands and in the mountain rain forests. The hotels and resorts we offer in our vacation packages are mostly situated on the leeward (sheltered) dry sides of the islands. Clouds move in from the ocean on the windward side and drop rain on the mountains – leaving the leeward side bright and sunny. While on sunny Waikiki Beach one can view large clouds over the mountains (rainforests) which are watering the lush greenery and waterfalls you will be enjoying when you explore our Islands. That’s how we get our awesome rainforest waterfalls.

Some ask about Hawaii’s hurricane season. In my three decades of personal experience with Hawaii, I have only seen a few watches and warnings of tropical storms and hurricanes, but only one major hurricane has arrived (1992) – and then mainly on the island of Kauai, and there was also a tropical storm that arrived on the Big-Island a few years back. We experienced only a rainy day in Oahu from this Tropical Storm. Most watches are just “scares” which never are experienced, and hardware, gas and grocery stores greatly benefit from these. Even when the hurricane mentioned above arrived in Kauai in 1992 – tours in Oahu resumed the following day and the boat activities the day after. I was surprised at how quickly things got back to normal on Oahu (Waikiki), Maui and the Big-Island of Hawaii.

This past Friday our islands were under a tropical storm watch, then a warning. As I write this, only three days later, Oahu, along with the Big-Island, Maui and Kauai, only experienced a short time of heavy rain on each island. This morning (Monday) it is beautiful and sunny and almost everything is back to normal. My friends who are visiting Oahu at the time of this writing, said they are having an awesome time, even though it was a little cloudy, stating that Hawaii is even beautiful with clouds. Again, a scare, but almost no damage. It seems that God’s design for Hawaii’s perfect location in the Pacific was to be almost storm-free. Of course, only God knows the final outcome of storm watches and warnings, but I have experienced more than three decades of them mostly bypassing our beautiful Islands.

To sum it up, Hawaii is almost always beautiful year-round, year-after-year. Hawaii truly is God’s gift to planet Earth. Come see for yourself.

Come See Hawaii: 


Jun 29

June 29, 2016


Is TripAdvisor a Wolf In Sheep’s Clothing?

I always thought that TripAdvisor was a neutral Travel Advisory site until I recently discovered that TripAdvisor is actually a giant Travel Marketing Agency as well as a Travel Information site. Then someone pointed out that they thought this could possibly create a conflict of interest – even causing some to see TripAdvisor as a “wolf in sheep’s clothing.”

I also discovered recently that TripAdvisor had posted info that seemed to be a malicious attack on one of its competitors (who is a friend of mine) – by posting inaccurate accusations which were only opinions rather than true facts. When the competitor-under-attack responded in a professional manner with accurate information asking TripAdvisor to post a polite informative rebuttal, TripAdvisor refused to: saying it was “inappropriate content.” Inappropriate Content? A nice rebuttal stating genuine facts to correct the untruthful information posted about a company is inappropriate content? After doing more research online about TripAdvisor, I saw an article written by a well-known Hawaii Travel executive who made the comment that “information found on TripAdvisor is questionable at best.” In consideration of the above, I’ve found it necessary to inform the travel consumer of these disturbing facts.

I also learned that TripAdvisor is actually a giant Travel Agency stating that they are “the world’s largest travel site.” This should obligate them to be cautious when posting information that could falsely slander smaller competitors, especially when they claim to be “an unbiased travel information site.” The very high standards I expect from such an “advisory site” are now somewhat in question. Is a site allowing the posting of defaming, untrue facts and slanderous information in the name of a review-site what a wise consumer needs for unbiased accurate information to make their travel decisions?

Recent online research has also revealed that oftentimes travel agents will post negative comments on TripAdvisor (which are their opinions – not facts) about competitors and then list their company so the consumer will look to them. This is even more bizarre! Also, I would challenge someone who is considering TripAdvisor to advise them – to first search the phrase “TripAdvisor Reviews” on Google. I was shocked when I searched this and read the reviews about TripAdvisor. There are hundreds of bad reviews therein; especially from smaller companies who claim to have been falsely and maliciously attacked and harmed by the questionable info which was posted on TripAdvisor. These companies claim that when they’ve approached TripAdvisor with facts proving the negative info posted about them was false, TripAdvisor would not allow the due rebuttal. This greatly confuses me.

I end by saying I am disappointed to see the questionable marketing methods and travel information mentioned above. I challenge TripAdvisor to be very fair and balanced with their reviews. Sadly, integrity in the business world is rapidly becoming a thing of the past. It’s our Company’s old-fashioned policy to have a thoroughly informative Website with factual unbiased information so the prospective consumer can make the right decisions, and without exposing them to false comments about our competitors. I’ve always believed that wholesome honest competition is good for the business market. It helps keeps prices down and results in better products for you, the consumer. I invite you to learn more about Aloha Hawaiian Vacations’ products and to read our client reviews from real people who even offer their first and last names with their addresses by clicking the link below.

Reviews of Aloha Hawaiian Vacations:

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Feb 27

February 27, 2016

Cheap Hawaii Vacations, 2.27.16

Information About Cheap Hawaii Vacations – Budget Hawaii Hotels & Economy Hawaii Packages to Waikiki (Oahu), Maui, Kauai & the Big-Island

There are many companies advertising cheap Hawaii vacation packages, but I always challenge those utilizing such to beware of very low quality and hotels in bad, and/or inconvenient locations. Poorly selected cheap, discounted, budget, economy Hawaii hotels and vacation packages can ruin ones’ vacation to Hawaii by diminishing their fun, safety and enjoyment of their Hawaii vacation experience – and especially when a choice is made based on poor or inaccurate information.

Although our company offers budget and economical (as well as Moderate to Deluxe) hotel rooms and vacation packages – I, and my top managerial staff, go to great lengths to see that our friendly-priced vacation packages have hotels in safe locations which are convenient to and strategically located for closeness to Hawaii’s main activities and restaurants – and which offer the best quality for the low price. Poor location and quality can truly diminish ones’ enjoyment of their Hawaiian vacation experience.

We personally inspect our properties for best quality for price – and select the best hotels and resorts for your dollars spent. We realize not every ones’ financial outlay requires deluxe – therefore, we strive to give the most for your dollar. And we are not saying that we can magically turn our budget economy hotels into moderate or deluxe properties – but we do assure they will be the best value you will find.

We offer excellent economical Saver Packages which can be seen by clicking the link below:


Jan 30

January 30, 2016

Sunset Point Beach Park, Oahu!

All Inclusive Hawaii versus Caribbean and Mexico All Inclusive

Many ask the question: Are there any all-inclusive resorts on any of the Hawaiian Islands? The answer is no there are not. However, there is one company that offers All-Inclusive Hawaii Vacation Packages to each of the four main islands. These packages are not the same as an all-inclusive resort you would find in the Caribbean or Mexico in which you are confined to one location your entire stay, and offer only a few simple water activities. Caribbean and Mexican inclusive resorts also have no tours included and usually no evening shows.

Since there are no such resorts as these in Hawaii – I, Wayne Overman, CEO of Aloha Hawaiian Vacations, designed, developed and began marketing my version of Hawaii All-Inclusive Vacation Packages in 1982. This actually started as a hobby – but today is a multi-mission dollar business which not only markets across America, but also to all countries of the world.

I contract with Hawaii’s best hotels and restaurants and offer a wide variety of delicious Hawaiian menus. I also contract with the best tour and activity companies. I combine these to create Hawaii Vacation Packages that include flights, flower lei and round-trip airport to hotel transfers, daily breakfasts and dinners, daily choice of Hawaii’s best water activities and tours along with spa massages – and many other choices and options. This results in a wide selection of Hawaii All-Inclusive Vacation Packages which range from Express Packages for those needing a short vacation, Saver Packages for the budget-minded and our popular range of Premier Packages.

I invite you to learn more about these high-quality yet economically friendly inclusive vacations by clicking the link below:


Aug 21

August 21, 2015

Royal Kona Resort

The Royal Kona Resort, Big-Island of Hawaii

This renowned luxury oceanfront resort is situated on a black lava-rock cliff overlooking the blue pacific and has recently undergone a multi-million dollar renovation. This pleasant Hawaiian resort is located on 10 acres of lush tropical grounds, has an oceanfront swimming pool with hot tub and an oceanfront-swimming lagoon on a private beach. It is conveniently located near shopping and a championship golf course. It has internet access, a resort spa, and an outside Jacuzzi – where you can Jacuzzi under the stars while listening to the wave’s crash against the lava shoreline below. It is within a short walking distance to the quaint shopping village of Kona. Rooms have lanais (balconies). This is “An Oceanfront Landmark in the Heart of Kailua-Kona”.

This Resort is a must for my family and me when we visit the Big-Island. It is located a good distance from the volcanoes – but is an interesting drive filled with much diverse scenery. We usually take a tour to the volcano field anyway – and let the knowledgeable tour guides share the fascinating facts about the volcano. Wait till you hear their beliefs about Pele’s hair! I learn something new each time we visit Volcano National Park. Akaka Falls and Rainbow Falls are musts during your drive (or tour) along with the Punaluu black sand beach.

I choose the Kona side of the island for my resort due to the year-round perfect weather on this side of the island – unlike the east side. And memories of the brilliant golden sunsets seen from the Royal Kona Resort will stay with you for a lifetime. You can learn more about this awesome resort by clicking the link: 



Nov 22

November 22, 2014


Waipio Valley Lookout, Big-Island of Hawaii

The Big-Island’s Waipio Valley is one of the most interesting places that I’ve visited in Hawaii. This remote and sparsely populated refuge was once home to thousands of Hawaiians, and was the boyhood home of King Kamehameha I. It was an important center of ancient Hawaii’s political and religious life. There’s a steep half-mile road that ascends into this valley that is not for the faint-hearted, but is well-worth the thrill.

Several years ago I was given a personal expedition into this isolated valley by a full-blooded native Hawaiian who lived near the lookout’s summit. He was born and raised in Waipio Valley and his family had lived there for many generations.  The fascinating stories he told me during our journey continually brought goose-bumps. It is truly one of the highlights of my Hawaii explorations. He also pointed out the waterfall in the back of the valley and said that when it flows it is the world’s second-tallest waterfall. This valley is a must-see for all who visit Hawaii’s Big-Island!

Aloha Hawaiian Vacations offers an expedition to Waipio Valley in their All Inclusive Big-Island of Hawaii Vacation Package.