Cheap Hawaii Vacations, 2.27.16

Information About Cheap Hawaii Vacations – Budget Hawaii Hotels & Economy Hawaii Packages to Waikiki (Oahu), Maui, Kauai & the Big-Island


There are many companies advertising cheap Hawaii vacation packages, but I always challenge those utilizing such to beware of very low quality and hotels in bad, and/or inconvenient locations. Poorly selected cheap, discounted, budget, economy Hawaii hotels and vacation packages can ruin ones’ vacation to Hawaii by diminishing their fun, safety and enjoyment of their Hawaii vacation experience – and especially when a choice is made based on poor or inaccurate information.

Although our company offers budget and economical (as well as Moderate to Deluxe) hotel rooms and vacation packages – I, and my top managerial staff, go to great lengths to see that our friendly-priced vacation packages have hotels in safe locations which are convenient to and strategically located for closeness to Hawaii’s main activities and restaurants – and which offer the best quality for the low price. Poor location and quality can truly diminish ones’ enjoyment of their Hawaiian vacation experience.

We personally inspect our properties for best quality for price – and select the best hotels and resorts for your dollars spent. We realize not every ones’ financial outlay requires deluxe – therefore, we strive to give the most for your dollar. And we are not saying that we can magically turn our budget economy hotels into moderate or deluxe properties – but we do assure they will be the best value you will find.

We offer excellent economical Saver Packages which can be seen by clicking the link below:

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Wayne Overman, founder and CEO of Aloha Hawaiian Vacations, has lived in the heart of Waikiki for more than twenty years and calls Waikiki Beach his “front yard.” He has devoted over thirty years thoroughly exploring, photographing and authoring publications about Maui, Kauai, the Big-Island of Hawaii plus Hawaii’s lesser islands – as well as his home island of Oahu. He has been privileged to have personally known, and has worked and “rubbed-shoulders” with, many of Hawaii’s legends throughout the years – such as Al Harrington (Hawaii Five-0), Don Ho, Chuck Machado, Doug Mossman, Hoku, Charro, Roy C. Kelley & The Kelley Family, George Correia, Tom Moffatt, Ron Howard, Bruno Mars, Jim Nabors, TV’s Lost stars, Hawaii Five-0 stars, and many other prominent figures in Hawaii’s Tourism and Entertainment Industries. **** Today Wayne is recognized as one of Hawaii’s foremost authorities on Hawaii and Hawaii tourism. He is quoted in international travel publications – and Fox News has consulted him for Hawaii news stories. His travel writing and photography are enjoyed worldwide. Wayne’s writing also qualified him a top-runner in an 80’s National Poetry Contest – with awards being presented in Los Angeles by Red Skelton and Phyllis Diller. He is also considered an authority on Hawaiian art and is a close acquaintance of most of Hawaii’s prominent artists, including Wyland, Roy Tabora, Heather Brown, John Pitre, Americo and Eva Makk, Avi Kiriaty, Thor, BH Freeland and Juno Galang – to name a few; and he has sketched and collaborated with several of these artists to create some unique Hawaiian art “collectibles.” **** Wayne founded Aloha Hawaiian Vacations as a young man – and has enjoyed the company’s growth from a small regional business – to an international Company – which is today a world leader in Hawaii tourism. He designed and developed America’s first non-tour All-Inclusive Hawaii Vacation Package. “Good Quality With Good Value And Service” is his motto. He also owns a Hawaii tourism consulting firm. **** Wayne is a seasoned world traveler – and has seen 93 countries. His travels have taken him around-the-world seventeen times cumulatively. He says, “I have traveled the entire world to see if there is any place to match the glory of Hawaii – and there is none! Hawaii is God’s gift to the world and mankind, and is probably a tiny glimpse of what Heaven is like.” **** He holds a degree in Business Administration and was also working toward a degree in Engineering – which he left to attend an East Coast Bible College after becoming a Christian. Wayne believes travel is one of life’s best educators – and agrees with former US President John F. Kennedy’s quote, “I learned more in one summer traveling abroad than I did in all my years at Harvard University.” However, Wayne also believes that the study of God’s Word trumps all forms of education. He challenges the young people he mentors to read a chapter of Proverbs each day to receive wisdom from above. He volunteers his time as a Hawaii church leader and has also served his country in the military. **** Wayne says that his greatest life accomplishment was raising his two awesome children (Haven & Joseph) who are now leaders of Aloha Hawaiian Vacations. He also believes we are to share that which God has blessed us with – and his family financially supports three Waikiki churches, the annual Resurrection Sunrise Services held on Waikiki Beach, world missions, plus many mainland Christian ministries; and his family also cares for many children-in-need worldwide. Wayne gives “all glory to God - for ALL.”