Is TripAdvisor a Wolf In Sheep’s Clothing?


I always thought that TripAdvisor was a neutral Travel Advisory site until I recently discovered that TripAdvisor is actually a giant Travel Marketing Agency as well as a Travel Information site. Then someone pointed out that they thought this could possibly create a conflict of interest – even causing some to see TripAdvisor as a “wolf in sheep’s clothing.”

I also discovered recently that TripAdvisor had posted info that seemed to be a malicious attack on one of its competitors (who is a friend of mine) – by posting inaccurate accusations which were only opinions rather than true facts. When the competitor-under-attack responded in a professional manner with accurate information asking TripAdvisor to post a polite informative rebuttal, TripAdvisor refused to: saying it was “inappropriate content.” Inappropriate Content? A nice rebuttal stating genuine facts to correct the untruthful information posted about a company is inappropriate content? After doing more research online about TripAdvisor, I saw an article written by a well-known Hawaii Travel executive who made the comment that “information found on TripAdvisor is questionable at best.” In consideration of the above, I’ve found it necessary to inform the travel consumer of these disturbing facts.

I also learned that TripAdvisor is actually a giant Travel Agency stating that they are “the world’s largest travel site.” This should obligate them to be cautious when posting information that could falsely slander smaller competitors, especially when they claim to be “an unbiased travel information site.” The very high standards I expect from such an “advisory site” are now somewhat in question. Is a site allowing the posting of defaming, untrue facts and slanderous information in the name of a review-site what a wise consumer needs for unbiased accurate information to make their travel decisions?

Recent online research has also revealed that oftentimes travel agents will post negative comments on TripAdvisor (which are their opinions – not facts) about competitors and then list their company so the consumer will look to them. This is even more bizarre! Also, I would challenge someone who is considering TripAdvisor to advise them – to first search the phrase “TripAdvisor Reviews” on Google. I was shocked when I searched this and read the reviews about TripAdvisor. There are hundreds of bad reviews therein; especially from smaller companies who claim to have been falsely and maliciously attacked and harmed by the questionable info which was posted on TripAdvisor. These companies claim that when they’ve approached TripAdvisor with facts proving the negative info posted about them was false, TripAdvisor would not allow the due rebuttal. This greatly confuses me.

I end by saying I am disappointed to see the questionable marketing methods and travel information mentioned above. I challenge TripAdvisor to be very fair and balanced with their reviews. Sadly, integrity in the business world is rapidly becoming a thing of the past. It’s our Company’s old-fashioned policy to have a thoroughly informative Website with factual unbiased information so the prospective consumer can make the right decisions, and without exposing them to false comments about our competitors. I’ve always believed that wholesome honest competition is good for the business market. It helps keeps prices down and results in better products for you, the consumer. I invite you to learn more about Aloha Hawaiian Vacations’ products and to read our client reviews from real people who even offer their first and last names with their addresses by clicking the link below.

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