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These Vacation Packages are planned and operated by Aloha Hawaiian Vacations/Overman Hawaii Int'l - a N.C. based company located at 2655PH Liberty Rd., Liberty, N.C. 27298; with satellite marketing and service locations and facilities (hereinafter referred to as Operator). Customer service representatives are located in Hawaii.
RESERVATIONS & PAYMENTS: A deposit of $225 per person is required upon booking to secure your reservation. An Operator assisted signed Vacation Enrollment Form containing an Operator assigned confirmation number is due to Operator within 7 days of booking. All mailed payments must be sent registered (for tracking purposes) and signature required, and sent only to the N.C. office address listed above (Please call before mailing to notify our Customer Service Staff). (A reservation is invalid without an Operator-assigned confirmation number). The balance is due 69 days prior to departure date. If reservation is made within 69 days of departure date, the total price of Vacation Package is due upon booking. (Payment plans can be arranged in certain situations.) DO NOT MAIL CASH. Operator assumes no responsibility for payments made with cash. When payment is made by check, Operator accepts responsibility for these funds only if check is made payable to ALOHA HAWAIIAN VACATIONS (and clears bank) and sent signature required and then signed for upon receipt. Any payment received later than 11 weeks prior to departure date must be a certified check, bank check, cashiers check, or credit card. There is a $45 returned-check charge. Operator assumes no responsibility for payments made to or received by a third party, under any circumstances. Any payment received without a valid Operator confirmation number will be non-bindingly returned (or refunded), even if funds were mistakenly deposited. All payments are to be made in U.S. Dollars. All credit card purchases are final, and are subject to the Terms and Conditions stated herein, and require no sales slip signature to be binding. When credit card is used, the Purchaser authorizes their card issuer to pay the total amount of Vacation due to Operator, and promises to pay this total to the card issuer (plus any other charges due) subject to and in accordance with the agreement governing the use of such card. There is a 7 % fee for credit card cancellation charge-backs. Participant &/or Purchaser Agrees To The Permanency of Funds Paid To Operator. A fully signed enrollment form is due to Operator within 8 business days of booking. If not received within this period, reservation may cancel as a Participant/Purchaser initiated cancellation.

RATES: All rates shown are per person and are current rates in effect at time of printing, and are subject to change without notice. Operator does not send a bill for any payment - please mark calendar. Late payment &/or late receipt of properly signed Enrollment Forms, etc may result in annulment of Cancellation &/or Rate Protection Plan, therefore resulting in rate increase/s & /or a Purchaser initiated cancellation of Vacation Package without TCPP (Attained cancellation fees will then apply, with refund of TCPP). While every effort is made to ensure accuracy of our rates in print, on our website/s brochure/s or other, and when quoted by telephone, Operator reserves the right to make adjustments if found that rate was shown, charged or quoted incorrectly. All Child, Teen and Adult rates are based on age at time of travel. Options are not included in Basic Pkg Rate, and are additional. See our website for applicable Adjustments. Holiday Travel may have a Holiday Adjustment, such as July 4th week, Thanksgiving week & Christmas, etc.

RATES INCREASES: Since the deregulation of U.S. air tariffs, airfares may be increased at any time, immediately, without notice. Operator cannot, and is under no obligation to, provide a "grace period" during which bookings may be paid in full to avoid this increase. (A unique RATE PROTECTION PLAN is offered by Operator, and is Highly Recommended - See below.) In the event the Rate Protection Plan is not taken - and an increase takes effect - an additional collection will be necessary for any & all Vacation Package increase/s.

RATE PROTECTION PLAN: Simply make a 39% deposit (within 7 days of booking) and Operator will GUARANTEE your total vacation enrollment price (for original departure date) - regardless of ANY amount of airfare, hotel, or other supplier increases which may take place prior to your departure date! (Some packages -such as Christmas pkgs may require a larger deposit to guarantee rates.) Most promotional specials require a 39% deposit. (Subject to timely receipt of Signed Enrollment Form by Operator) (Other companies do Not protect you from increases until you pay in full.)

LATE BOOKINGS: Subject to availability, add $19 pp (spec. handling) for booking within 3 weeks of departure date.

DOCUMENTS: Documents cannot be mailed & travel can't begin until paid-in-full & signed enrollment form, etc are received by Operator. Documents will be mailed "express" to Participant to arrive approx. 14 to 10 days prior to departure, with prior notice. E-TICKETS are usually issued. Documents may arrive later for late bookings &/or payment. Once documents are received by Purchaser &/or Participant, the security for these documents is solely their responsibility. A rate of $145 pp will be assessed for their replacement. Drivers license or Government issued picture ID is mandatory for all flights.

CHANGES: A Per Person Fee of $49 will be assessed for each change made after booking, up to 6 weeks prior to departure date, and $69 thereafter.* This applies to any change of original booking, before departure (if possible), including hotel or room category (if available), and to Vacation features and options. Changes of initial departure &/or return travel date is not considered a change-but is considered rescheduling.*Changes made after documents are mailed "express", but before original flight check-in time, are $125 per person. Change fee will apply even if caused by airline-originated schedule changes. In some cases, a hotel charge of 3 nights accommodations (or more) on each island will apply when change is made during the last 9 days before departure. (Important: Any change made to a booking for which the price has been guaranteed will result in the new booking being re-priced at the Operator's current internal price in effect at time change is made. Changes made in return transportation, must be made directly through your airline by the Participant and Purchaser and an increased fare imposed by carrier(s), and subject to availability. No changes to air routing can be made after departure. Changes in return which would result in additional monies owed to the carrier(s) are due immediately and payable directly to the carrier(s). A change in departure date is treated as a "rescheduling" only if the new departure is booked at the same time as the original departure is cancelled, and before Vacation travel has begun. This can only be done if the TCPP was taken. Once Vacation travel has begun, all changes made to itinerary come under above guidelines and are not protected under The Tour Cancellation Plan. Call for rescheduling fees and details. In all other cases, cancellation rules apply. A name change will be treated as a cancellation of the original name - and a new reservation in the new name.

CANCELLATIONS: All cancellations require Operator's Vacation Cancellation number, issued at time of cancellation. Refunds for cancelled reservations (which are not covered by the TCPP) are subject to the following per person administrative fee schedule: When your notice is received directly by the Operator (and an Operator's Cancellation number is obtained) eighty-seven (87) or more days prior to departure date-Full refund less Forty-three percent (43%) fee, eighty-six (86) to fifty-nine (59) days prior to departure date - sixty-three percent (63%) fee, fifty-eight (58) days to thirty-eight (38) days prior to departure date - seventy-nine percent (79%) fee, Thirty-seven (37) days to six (6) days to departure date - eighty-nine percent (89%) fee; Zero ($0) Refund for later cancellations and no refund for "no shows" regardless of cause, including denied entry for lack of appropriate documentation. Operator assumes no responsibility for non-availability during weekends, holidays, off-hours, etc. Operator Strongly Recommends Tour Cancellation Protection Plan (Airfare is non-refundable). Percentages listed above are figured on total Vacation package price (including Basic Package, Rate, Adjustments, Options & Misc. charges). Once a vacation has begun, there will be no refund made for any unused or partially used Vacation feature(s), service(s), choices &/or Options), including flight, hotel accommodations, activities, meals, and car rentals, regardless of circumstances resulting in these not being used by Participant(s). Unused flights are non-refundable. In all cases, cancellation fees will apply and are non-refundable for any reason, including sickness &/or other emergencies. Although (at the time of printing) Operator has never had to do this - Operator does reserve the right to cancel any Vacation prior to departure for any reason. Should this happen, refunds will be made without obligation &/or liability to Operator. Operator is not liable for improper ID, security delays, nor other travel delays. (Vacation is non-transferable) An Operator cancellation or rescheduling number can be issued only during  Operator’s Hawaii Customer Service Office normal business hours.

TOUR CANCELLATION PROTECTION PLAN: See last section of this page for details.

PROOF OF CLAIM:  Any claim of illness or injury must be valid & supported by the submission of a detailed, verifiable, original medical certificate signed by a board certified physician with the full specificity of the law. A death certificate with raised seal is required in the case of death.

REFUNDS: Refund will be mailed within 45 days of Operator's issuance of Vacation Cancellation number and receipt of ALL Vacation airline tickets, hotel, meal, tour & activity vouchers, and ALL other travel documents and items issued to Participant &/or Purchaser. Under no circumstances will refunds be made until all the aforementioned items have been received and signed for by the Operator. Must be returned & Operator received by registered mail (signature required). All refunds are conditioned upon your understanding that your acceptance of a refund is on the express condition that you release us from all further liability and you thereby waive all additional rights and remedies under this contract or any applicable state, federal or foreign law.

AIR TRANSPORTATION: For air transportation between the Mainland and Hawaii, Operator features most major airlines. You may book one of our vacation packages- deduct the mainland to Hawaii flights-  and book your own airfare with another carrier, if desired. The Tour Cancellation Plan (if taken) will not cover or “protect” the flights you book on your own. The decision as to utilize flights obtained by the operator or by the participant/s must be made at the time of booking, and may not be changed at a later date. The passage contract in use by the airline, when issued, constitutes the sale agreement between passenger and the airline. Flight times, flight schedules, layovers and seating arrangements are not guaranteed and form no part of this contract. Flight schedules & times are subject to change without notice. It is therefore the responsibility of the passenger to reconfirm flight times as instructed. Airline/s are solely responsible for all expenses incurred due to airline delays or other problems, injury, or death. Operator is not responsible for any expenses incurred due to airlines, security, weather, natural disasters, terrorist acts, labor strikes or other delays- including, but not limited to, airfare costs, hotel, transfers, meal costs & other damages or retributions.  A valid Government issued picture ID is required for all flights (such as State Driver’s License.  International travelers are responsible for obtaining All US state and federal Government Travel & entry requirements. Participant/s are now required by the Government and responsible for providing Operator with participant/s full and complete name and date of birth.  Operator is under no financial (or other) obligation if government requirements are not met by Participants, whether listed herein or not. Check with Airline/s for current Government regulations. Any flight/s booked within 45 days of travel may require a flight surcharge and may possibly need to be booked by the Participant/Purchaser directly - with Operator assistance. Holiday Travel may have a Holiday Adjustment, such as July 4th week, Thanksgiving week & Christmas, etc. Due to fluctuations of fuel prices, there may be a fuel adjustment (air adjustment).

BAGGAGE: The Operator (or its agents) shall not be held responsible for loss, damage, inconvenience expenses, or delay while baggage is in the custody of airlines, transfer company, hotel, or other. Travel accident/baggage insurance may be purchased at Airport, and is Highly Recommended. The Operator (or its agents) shall not be responsible for the loss or damage to passengers' baggage. The liability of the airline(s) for loss or damage to baggage shall be limited in accordance with the terms of the carrier's liability insurance coverage (call airline/s for details). If Airline/s, Transfer company (or other), due to any cause whatsoever, is liable for loss or delay of or damage to your baggage, settlement will be made directly with Airline/s, Transfer company (or other), and not Operator. Call airlines for current baggage information. Contact your Airlines for current amount of bag/s allowed, luggage size & weight & carry-on info. Some Airlines now charge for baggage and it is the responsibility of the Participant &/or Purchaser to check with your Airline/s for the price. Any baggage charge/s must be payed directly to the Airline/s upon flight check-in by the Participant, and cannot be payed by the Operator. Participant/s should bring appropriate funds for the baggage charges. Operator is not responsible for reimbursing Participant for any charges for checked-in baggage.

HOTELS/RESORTS: General Check-out time is approximately noon (varies with each hotel). Check with Operator for check-in times. In the unlikely event of overbooking by the hotel(s)/resort(s) in our Vacation Package, the liability to substitute accommodations is the responsibility of the hotel(s)/resort(s) affected. Operator reserves the right to substitute hotel(s)/resort(s) of similar or better quality. Check-in approx. 3pm. Hotel is solely liable for any problems or loss to participant. Hotel amenities shown may change at any time without notice. Double Occupancy (Dbl) means two paying adults staying in same room. A Single Adjustment will apply to any room with only one paying adult staying in the room. Hotel Resort Fees may be charged directly by the Hotel/Resort to the Participant and is not to be paid by the Operator. All Neighbor Island Resorts have Resort Fees, and on Oahu the Sheraton and Westin Hotels have Resort Fees also.

VACATION FEATURES: Operator reserves the right to rearrange Vacation itinerary to match suppliers Availability, etc. and to substitute a comparable Vacation activity, meal, etc. in the unlikely event this would be necessary due to supplier availability, etc. Most Gratuities Are Included - Such as for Meals - but other Tips not specifically mentioned are not included. Additional Vacation Options &/or Choices which are added to Participants Vacation Package after Enrollment Form has been completed & signed will apply to All Operators Terms & Conditions as listed herein - although a signature will not be required  for these add-ons.  Restaurant menus are subject to change-without notice.  When booking an Aloha Hawaiian Vacation, all vacation features listed in Blue Bold and Black Bold as seen on Operator’s website on date of booking are included (nothing more-nothing less), plus Choices, Selections and Options paid for. There is no refund for unused Vacation Features, Choices, Selections or Options if cancelled by the Participant &/or Purchaser, or if Participant/s is a "no-show" for an activity. However if these are cancelled solely by the Supplier due to inclement weather conditions or other, the Operator & Supplier will attempt to reschedule these to another date, and will refund Purchaser net amount of activity if unable to reschedule (this applies only to activities cancelled due to inclement weather which may occur while Participant/s is in Hawaii and solely at the Suppliers discretion). Most National Park fees are included for tours, however there is an approx. $7 pp charge for the entrance at Hanauma Bay on Oahu which is required to be paid directly at the entrance of the Bay.

RENTAL CARS: Each Rental Car day included in Vacation Packages consists of a 24-hour period beginning at the time driver(s) pick-up the car. No refund will be made if car is used less than a 24-hour period. Driver must be at least 21 years old and have a valid drivers license & major credit card. Rates include Unlimited Mileage. Renter/Driver is responsible for Gas & Refueling Charges, Optional Collision Damage Waiver, Medical Coverage, Personal Accident & Effects Coverage, Infant Car Seats, Second Driver Fee, Optional Supplemental Liability Coverage, Upgrade Payment (if desired), Taxes, per day Hawaii Rental Motor Vehicle Surcharge Tax, any Overtime Charge, Drop-Off Charges, Parking Fees, Fines, Suits, Towing Fees, Accidents, any and all charges resulting from an accident, and any other additional Liability and charges. Operator recommends full insurance protection. Upgrade Rates listed are to be applied when upgrading from Economy Car that is included in most Neighbor-Island Vacations listed on our brochure. Car Rental Rates are for cars to be rented when no car is included in Package. Upgrades and Car Rentals are subject to availability. Convertibles go fast. Book Soon! Car Models listed are those currently (at printing) provided by our suppliers, and are to give a general idea of Model you'll receive but other similar models may be substituted by suppliers. Car Rentals run in 24-hour consecutive periods. Note: Car Rental time begins when car is to be picked up on arrival at Neighbor-Island, which is usually around noon. This results in car being due back around noon on Participant's last day on Neighbor Island. As most flights out of Neighbor Island are in the evening, this results in an overtime charge for the Participant. We highly recommend renting the Neighbor Island car for 1 Extra Day to avoid this unexpected and sometimes excessive charge. Rental Cars are to be picked up at the airport on all Neighbor Islands, and no Airport-to-Hotel transfers are provided on the Neighbor Islands. Rental cars are available on Oahu as a "Choice" or as an Option. Hotel & other parking fees are not included. Resort fees are not included (unless clearly stated as being included), and are to be paid directly by the Participant to the Resort. Car Rental Companies have a No-Smoking Policy and require Participants to agree to not Smoke in the Rental vehicle, and Rental Car company may impose a fine for violations for this policy.

EXCLUSIONS: Rates do not include expenses and items not specifically mentioned in the Operators Website/Brochure, including but not limited to room service, poolside or other bar bills, any insurance, telephone calls, laundry service, tips (gratuities) not specifically mentioned, Airline/s baggage charges (Participant/s pays these directly to Airline/s), flight change fee, hotel & resort fees (unless stated), parking fees, and other items of a personal nature. See Exclusions in RENTAL CAR Section. Does not include Transportation between your home and departure airport. Excludes expenses incurred due to weather, terrorist acts, civil disorders, strikes, natural disasters, airline delays & other. (Operator is not responsible for these). No flight insurance, life insurance nor medical insurance is provided by Operator.  Operator recommends Participant purchase these independently.  Options are not included in Basic Package Rate-and are offered at an extra charge.

PHYSICAL DISABILITIES: Any Physical Disability requiring special attention or treatment must be advised to Operator when reservations are requested. Wheelchair passengers must be accompanied by a responsible adult fully able to assist the passenger. Transfers & Tour Vehicles generally do not have facilities for boarding passengers in wheelchairs, and any cost arising from the need to use alternate transportation must be paid by the passenger concerned directly as incurred. Purchaser &/or Participants must be aware that some of the events and activities included in our Vacation Packages, which involve Transportation by bus, van, sailing or power vessel, do not have facilities for accommodating wheelchair passengers. Participant/s certifies not to have any mental, physical or other condition or disability that would create a problem for himself/herself or other passengers.

TRAVEL AGENTS & GROUP COORDINATORS: Travel Agents & Group coordinator(s), etc. are solely responsible for all monies placed in their care for Operator's Vacation Package &/or travel arrangements. Travel Agents & Group Coordinator(s) are solely responsible for thoroughly and completely reviewing Operator's General Information, Terms & Conditions section in full with each Participant &/or Purchaser. Operator assumes no responsibility for Purchaser’s money paid to Travel Agent or any third party until such money has been paid to Operator (and signed receipt issued). Operator's Website & Vacation Brochure and its General Information, Terms & Conditions section supersedes any and every verbal promise &/or written &/or published promise, contract, agreement, brochure, etc. that any third party may release. If payment was made to Travel Agent &/or Group Coordinator &/or any third party- Purchasers refund will come from such- and not from Operator.

SAFETY: The Operator strongly asks the Participants to apply all common sense safety while on their vacation as they would at home, e.g. swim only where there are lifeguards, and check with them about water conditions, currents, holes, reefs, etc. before entering. Avoid walking on rocks along the ocean - there may be a sudden surge of waves "out of nowhere". Flash floods sometimes occur along streams. Hike only with others, only on public hiking trails and take care not to wander off trail. See officials for hiking info. Avoid isolated areas, and always drive with care, etc. Oceans have sharks. Operator recommends renting & using safety flotation device for snorkeling & for all water activities, to rent & use hotel safes, to lock auto & to never leave valuables in auto. Operator is not responsible for theft of or lost items or money. We recommend wearing lots of high SP waterproof sun screen.

ALCOHOL: Some of the Vacation Package activities include complimentary alcoholic beverages as a standard feature. Operator's Strong Recommendation is abstinence. We do caution those who participate in alcohol consumption to take care not to drive, cross streets, swim, etc. while under the influence. Participant &/or Purchaser waives any claim against Operator and its representatives & agents for any accident, loss, injury, damage, death or other cause to Participant &/or others due to non-compliance of this adamant recommendation.

ABBREVIATIONS: Dbl.Occ. or Dbl.-Double Occupancy, RW2PA=Rooming With Two Paying Adults, T=Teen C=Child Adj=Adjustment; Nt=Night, D=Day, Opt=Option, RT=Round-Trip, Cat=Category, PP=Per Person, Pkg =Package, P/U= pick-up, TCPP= Tour Cancellation Protection Plan. (Call for other) 

ARBITRATION: All arbitration  -including BBB- shall be in accordance to all Terms & Conditions stated herein- only, and in accordance with the rules of the American Arbitration Association then existent. 

RESPONSIBILITY: The Vacations shown in this Brochure have been specially arranged by the Operator. The suppliers providing air, ground & water sightseeing & transportation, food service, and other services & arrangements, and providing hotel accommodations for the Vacations, are independent contractors, and are not agents or employees of Operator, nor any of its affiliates. Operator has no ownership interest whatsoever in any hotel, bus, cruise, tour, transportation or service company of any kind in the State of Hawaii. As a result, Operator is not liable for any negligent or willful act or failure to act of any such person or entity or of any third party. All documentation, receipts, and tickets are issued subject to the terms and conditions specified by the suppliers. By utilizing the services of these suppliers, Participant &/or Purchaser agree that neither the Operator, nor any of its affiliates, representatives, or agents shall be liable for any accident, loss, injury, death, damage or other cause to person or property of Participant, and to those traveling with Participant, in connection with any accommodations, air, ground & water transportation & sightseeing, food service, and other service company or supplier resulting from their breach of contract with Operator, &/or resulting from any act of negligence of such, &/or resulting directly or indirectly from any occurrences or conditions beyond their control, including, but not limited to, defects in vehicles, mechanical failure, breakdown in equipment, labor strikes, civil disorders, inclement weather conditions, natural disasters, criminal or terroristic acts, theft, delays, mistakes or wrongdoing by employees or staff, cancellations or changes in itineraries, or schedules, etc. (The Participant &/or Purchaser waive any claims against Operator for any of the above.) The Terms under which Participant &/or Purchaser agree to take these Vacations cannot be changed or amended except in writing, and signed by an authorized officer of Operator. The Operator reserves the right to decline to accept, or retain any person as a member of the Vacation, at any time prior to departure or during the course of the Vacation. Vacation may be altered in the unlikely event that Participants' safety or convenience may be jeopardized. Adult(s) taking children and teens assume full responsibility for their care and safety, and Operator is not responsible for such. Participant &/or Purchaser and their representative(s) agree, in the event of a liability claim against one or more of Operator's suppliers due to any cause whatsoever, that they will correspond, deal and settle directly with the supplier(s), and will not involve Operator. Participant &/or Purchaser agree that Operator & its affiliates, representatives, & agents are not to be held liable for any accident, loss, injury, death, damage or other cause to person or property during any ground portion of the following; Automobile Island Exploration, Rental Car, Weddings & Vow Renewal Ceremonies (including transportation to & from), Bicycle &/or Hiking Excursions (for any reason); & during any Helicopter Tour, Rafting, Kayaking, Scuba Diving, Horseback Riding, Snorkeling Expeditions &/or any other vacation feature choices or option (including transportation to & from any of these). Participant &/or Purchaser agree that any Airlines or other Air Carrier(s) used are not to be held responsible for any act, omission, or event during the time Participant is NOT on-board their aircraft or conveyance. The same applies to The Hotels &/or Resorts when not on their premises. The Vacation Features, Choices & Options described on Operator’s Website/s & brochures are furnished by independent contractors who are neither servants of, nor joint ventures or partners, with Operator or with one another. Each Operates independently of the other.

LIMITATION OF LIABILITY: By booking a Vacation through Operator, Participant &/or Purchaser acknowledge that, in all events, the Operator, its agents & representatives shall not be liable for any consequential damages, and that the sole extent of the Operators, its agents & representatives' cumulative liability shall never exceed the amount actually paid by Purchaser(s) to the Operator. All Legal, etc. fees will not be paid by Operator or its agents & representatives. It is agreed that any litigation involving Operator can only be brought in the courts in the State of Hawaii. All Operator legal & other expenses will be paid for other. Operator makes no implied or express warranties about its Packages.



 TOUR CANCELLATION PROTECTION PLAN (hereinafter referred to as "TCPP"). Cancellation penalties can be severe, however, our unique & excellent Tour Cancellation Protection Plan can buy financial security & peace of mind. TOUR CANCELLATION PROTECTION PLAN is offered as follows for a minimal per ADULT rate of $59 (Teen & Child $39). If taken, Operator will WAIVE ALL cancellation fees as stated in the Cancellation section of Operators General Info, Terms & Conditions for cancellation for Any cause up to 47 days prior to departure date, and thereafter (until initial departure check-in time) for death of participants immediate family member (parent, sibling, children, or grandparent) or medically verifiable unforeseeable serious illness or serious injury of Participant. (Normal cancellation fees as per Cancellation section of Operators General Information, Terms & Conditions apply if TCPP is declined.) Serious illness and injury are defined as an illness or injury that would cause Participant to be medically prescribed bedridden during the time of scheduled vacation (Excludes common cold & flu). The TCPP may be purchased only when initial Vacation deposit is made. Later payment cannot be accepted, and if it is accepted by mistake, will be non-bindingly refunded upon knowledge of mistake. If TCPP is purchased, and the Vacation Participant &/or Purchaser cancel (up to initial departure check-in time), ALL monies paid to Operator for Vacation Package & Adjustments, less the per person TCPP rate, deductible(pp) & options(pp), will be refunded (see REFUNDS Section on Gen. Info-Terms & Conditions). (Operator Cancellation number required). Options may also be covered ($50 option deductible) for an additional $10 per person. Participation in the full TCPP is Strongly Recommended. The TCPP deductible is $287 which will be WAIVED if Vacation is Rescheduled instead of cancelled. If TCPP was taken, Participant &/or Purchaser may reschedule up to 44 days from initial departure date without a fee and at original Basic Package enrollment rates, and travel up to 300 Days from date of rescheduling (& with a $165pp rescheduling fee 43 days or less from initial departure date). Operator rescheduling number required & rescheduling is not available once vacation begins. New travel date is required when rescheduling. (Rescheduling is subject to flight & hotel wholesale availability & current Adjustment rates apply). Call 1-800-256-4211 for other details. This unique Plan is Strongly Recommended. Upon payment of a deposit Participant indicates acceptance of the above General Information, Terms & Conditions and of the Arbitration Agreement General Information.

RATE PROTECTION PLAN: Simply make a 39% deposit (within 7 days of booking) and Operator will GUARANTEE your total vacation enrollment price (for original departure date) - regardless of ANY amount of airfare, hotel, or other supplier increases which may take place prior to your departure date! (Some packages -such as Christmas pkgs may require a larger deposit to guarantee rates.) Most promotional specials require a 39% deposit. (Subject to timely receipt of Signed Enrollment Form by Operator) (Other companies do Not protect you from increases until you pay in full.)

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